It’s no secret that a beautiful and well-kept yard adds value to a home.

A sophisticated landscape design, according to Virginia Tech Research, contributed around 42 percent more perceived value to a home than plant size or diversity. It also delivers a pricing advantage to the home’s value ranging from 5.5 percent to 12 percent more.

Landscaping is one of the few home renovations that not only adds visual appeal to your property but also provides numerous environmental and health benefits.

If you are thinking about selling your house, a well-chosen landscaping project is one method to wow potential buyers.

Here are five ways to use landscaping to improve the value of your home.


1. Think Nature

Every expert recommends this landscape project to increase the value of any home.

Go on, guess what it is?

If you guessed ‘planting trees’, you are correct.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but well-managed beautiful-looking trees in your yard can increase the perceived value of your home to potential buyers.

A study conducted by the U.S forest service showed that a tree such as a Maple in your front yard can improve the value of your home by $9,000!

Trees will improve your curb appeal, which is the first thing any potential buyer or admirer will see, regardless of how attractive it is.

According to Beaulieu — “Almost everything you purchase depreciates. The exception is trees, trees that are mature add to the value of a home. The sheer presence of big trees increases property prices in an area by 4% to 20%.”


2. Invest in a Well-Maintained Lawn

Another important aspect of curb appeal that can never be underestimated is the impact of a well-kept lawn.

A well-kept lawn can have a significant impact on a home’s overall appearance.

“My general rule for landscaping is that the house should look at least as great as the neighbors’ houses,” de Jong says. “At a minimum, home sellers should have the grass mowed, trees trimmed, weeds picked, and the garden spruced up with some beautiful seasonal flowers because curb appeal is crucial when selling a home.”

“An unmaintained lawn, on the other hand, not only detracts from curb appeal; it also signals a red warning to potential buyers that the home was neglected,” according to de Jong.

Investing in your lawn is relatively inexpensive but it does add value to your home.


3. Spread Fresh Mulch

Rather than letting soil stay uncovered, it is advisable to spread fresh mulch.

Mulching offers beds a uniform and well-kept appearance, as well as a clear distinction between the grass and the beds.

Not only that, but fresh mulch decomposes and gives nutrients to your soil.

“incorporating new mulch around shrubs and plants helps to reduce evaporation, restrict weed growth, control soil temperature, and inhibit erosion.” — says McMillan, founder, and owner of Hire Realty LLC, a New York-based real estate agency specializing in residential and commercial sales.

Mulching offers much more than an improved aesthetic to your flower garden, it also brings additional health benefits to the environment.


4. Make Sure your Landscape Complements the Design of Your Home

Okay, this is the mistake lots of people make, you cannot own a historic colonial home and then design a minimalist ultra-modern landscape, it just doesn’t connect.

Certain aspects, such as the color of plants around the house, or even the color of walls or patios must connect for your landscape to be perceived by potential buyers as valuable.

If you are not sure about how it should look, consider hiring the expertise of professionals like Rene and Sons.


5. Don’t Forget to Spruce up Your Front Walkway

One of the first things visitors see is your front walkway. So it’s only reasonable to want to make your front walkway seem lovely.

If your front walkway appears cracked, it may turn off potential buyers before they even look inside.

“If the walkway is well-decorated, it instantly creates a good ambiance for the house,” says Dawn Templeton, owner and real estate broker with Idaho-based Templeton Real Estate Group.

“Plant flowers by the two sides of the walkway, and keep the walkways illuminated properly. It will create a dramatic beauty.”

Can You Help Me Improve My Property Value?
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