Full-Service Landscape Solutions

With keeping your objective in mind, we provide professional landscape services to both residential and commercial clients. Learn how we can maintain and sustain your property.

Affordable Landscape Services

Rene & Sons provides services that are wide-ranging, covering a large variety of different outdoor landscaping needs. We’re changing the way landscape services are delivered by keeping a precision focus on you and your objectives. Moreover, our broad experience allows us to be a seamless partner for the entire lifecycle of your landscape, from design to development, maintenance, and enhancements.

Spring Clean-up

Spring Clean-up includes: power rake, blow and pickup leaves, recut flower beds, lawn edges, lawn trim and cultivate. Spring Clean-up will start the second week of March.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn will be maintained every week. Cutting will start two weeks after the spring clean-up dependent upon climate. Approximately 29 cuts from April to the first week of November.


Three applications per season using a granular mixture of fertilizer. First application takes place during the first two weeks of April. Second application is during the first two weeks of July. The third application takes place in the first two weeks of October.


Two trimmings of tree limbs and bushed per season.

Fall Clean-up

Two or three times a season that includes blow and pickup leaves from lawns and flower beds, pull annuals and cut back perennials.

Lawn Restoration

Some lawns will need more restoration work, which may include dethatching or core aeration. Cleanup of site is included.