For many Americans out there, the real American dream aside from grilling a nice spicy chicken during spring — is owning a great home. But, you know what they say — “with a great home comes great responsibilities”.

Seriously though, maintaining a home is hard work.

To make sure your valuable asset doesn’t depreciate, you’ll have to make regular home upkeeps, and trust me when I say — landscaping will be one of your biggest headaches.

Landscaping is a beautiful work of art no doubt, but it is a difficult procedure. A beautiful landscape exterior involves a collection of skills and a LOT of time and effort.

Nevertheless, a well-kept yard will greatly improve the appeal of your home.

However, after a hectic week, the last thing you would want to do is everything, but landscape maintenance is next on that list.

That is why having a handy landscaping specialist is essential.

So, the million-dollar question is — why should you hire a landscaper?

Just as you wouldn’t want to travel without a map, starting a landscape job without the guidance of an experienced landscaper can be disastrous.

There have been several cases where homeowners attempted to save money by completing their garden design without the assistance of an expert; however, these homeowners ended up spending more because the garden design was poor, forcing them to hire a professional to correct their mistakes, which cost them more.

“Plants aren’t expensive, but design errors are,” says Craig, co-director of Garden Planners.

Aside from the risk of making mistakes by attempting to be your landscaper, there are more reasons as to why hiring a landscaper is the better option.

Here are 3 simple reasons why hiring a professional landscaper is totally worth it.


1. Full Project Management


The good thing about working with professionals is the fact that they offer you the entire package — from sourcing quality materials needed to complete the job, as well as e regular communication to timely delivery of the results — Professional landscapers offer you a thorough service.

Not only that, but skilled landscapers will not only execute the work but will also educate you on the best maintenance methods in the industry, as well as guide you on how to improve the exterior appeal of your home and which features to incorporate to beautify your property.

Hiring a professional over doing it yourself is the best option if you want convenience.


2. Saves You Time


Let’s face it, these days there is barely enough time. To achieve the best result for your outdoor landscape, the time has to be spent in the designing process.

If you are super busy all the time, it’s best to delegate the task to the professionals.

With an expert, you can focus on tasks that are important to you while knowing that the work will be completed efficiently and of course — on time.


3. It is Actually Budget-Friendly


Contrary to popular belief, hiring a landscaper is far less expensive than doing it yourself. The reason is simple: landscaping companies already have the necessary tools for working at their disposal, so if you hire them, they’ll simply use the right tools for the job, whereas doing it yourself means you’ll have to get each tool needed for the job (assuming you don’t get the wrong one) — which will cost even more.

Where can I choose the best landscaping professionals for my needs?

Once you decide to enlist the services of professionals, looking for one is the next step.

Ideally, you’d want to hire a professional who has had several years of hands-on industry experience like Rene and Sons Landscaping Inc.

If you are really looking to keep your surroundings visually appealing without drying out your pockets, then this is the right step to take.

At Rene and Sons Landscaping, we believe that the outside of your home should be just as beautiful as the inside because LOOKS MATTER when it comes to your home.

Our family-owned and managed company is always on the lookout for ways to make your property beautiful.

For 15 years and counting, we have dedicated ourselves to making the landscape of the home of the residents of Chicago beautiful.


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