February 1st, 2024

News Today

Issue #3

Anthony Delgado

Will there be an early spring?

The latest updates

What a year so far! We have had a couple of big snowstorms and our crews have been hard at work. We want to thank everyone for your cooperation! The winter season is not over, and we are still hard at work. February second is Groundhog Day, and we hope that he does not see his shadow. I think it’s safe to say that we are all done with winter and are ready for spring to come. No matter the outcome we are always ready for whatever Mother Nature brings.

Even though it doesn’t quite feel like it, spring is right around the corner. Only 47 more days until spring is at our doorstep. Which means our 2024 landscaping season is right behind. Every year, February becomes one of the busiest months for our company. During this month we officially start transition and preparing for the landscaping season! Our marketing team is hard at work, HR is hard at recruiting new employees, and our administration team is hard at work ordering materials and approving our day-to-day activities. There are a lot of behind-the-scenes tasks that occur so that we have a great start to the 2024 landscaping season. Our main concern is spring clean ups. These cleanings are an important part of the landscaping process as we make sure your lawn is clean and ready for the spring season. From cutting down ornamental grasses, to raking and picking leaves, hauling away debris left by the winter season, we are ready to take care of all your landscaping needs. If you have yet to schedule a spring cleanup, please feel free to schedule online or over the phone. Our spring schedule fills up fast, so don’t delay!

Jocelyn Avalos

Community Involvement

Daily news and Community Events

This year we are proud to announce that our company will be very involved in our community. We will primarily focus our attention on our Wheeling community but hope to spread our involvement to neighboring communities as well. Community involvement has been a major goal for our company. We have always wanted to look for ways to be involved in our community to better the connection we have between our customers and our employees. We are more than excited to announce our involvement in our communities this year!

Rene and Sons Landscaping Inc. will be involved in many events hosted by the Wheeling Park District! Bark at the park, the classic car show, international festival, Day of the dead 5K and more to be announced. We will be there providing free goodies and raffles throughout all the events. We will also be hosting a couple of bingo events throughout the entire year. We hope that you will be able to join us for these events this year. Please come out and join us for these events. More information will be available as dates approach. Please keep an eye out on our social media platforms to stay up to date

Maggie McGhie 

Aeration and Fertilizer? Do I need it?

Why is aeration a crucial part of our spring cleanup? Aeration is a basic lawn care practice used to ensure that nutrients can reach the soil beneath the grass. This can be a vital element to a healthy lawn because it allows air and water to penetrate built-up grass or lawn thatch. This process involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate grass roots.


How do I know if aeration is needed?

Aeration is a vital part of a healthy lawn. The main reason to aerate is to alleviate soil compaction. Compacted soils have too many solid particles in a certain space which prevents proper circulation of air, water, and nutrients within the soil. Excess lawn thatch or debris buried under the grass surface can starve roots from these essential elements. Many times, we don’t see the impact we have on our own lawn. If your lawn gets heavy use, it is recommended to aerate your lawn.

What is fertilizer? Why do I need it? When do I apply it?

Fertilizer is a chemical or natural substance added to soil or land to increase its fertility. Fertilizers are added to crops to produce enough food or facilitate growth. Fertilizers provide crops or plants with nutrients like potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen which allow crops to grow bigger, faster, and to produce more food (depending on the plant). Rene and Sons Landscaping Inc. recommends 4 applications per year. The recommended time frame for each application is spring, early summer, late summer, and fall.

Anthony Delgado

Social Media

Did you know that the average person checks their phone 96 times per day! Or once every 10-12 minutes? In all reality we touch our phone roughly 2,617 times per day or 955,205 times in a year! Now that’s a lot of phone time!! Our phones have become an essential part of our daily lives. Before we step out of the house, we check that we have our wallets, ChapStick, gum, keys, purse, backpack and of course our phone. We don’t go anywhere without our phone! But why is that? Well in today’s world everything is at our fingertips. Need to order food? Use the uber eats or grub hub app to have food delivered at your footsteps. Need to order a ride? Order an uber or a Lyft. Forgot to set your home security system? Secure your house through your phone! Whatever the circumstance is, we can use our phone to solve any issue. Technology continues to adapt and grow and so must we. For this reason, Rene and Sons Landscaping INC. is going with the flow and will be fully immersed in all social media platforms! We will use Instagram, Facebook, X (Twitter), Linkedin, and Google to name a few. We are excited to bring these new social media platforms to communicate important updates and promotions throughout the year. We will continue to use Thryv as our primary method of communication for all invoicing, scheduling, and payments but look forward to sharing more personal post via our social media platforms! Please feel free to click below to be directed to each of our social media pages! Or find us @reslandscaping


Milan Matijevic 

Happy Valentines Day!

Here is a background of why we celebrate Valentines Day!

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate romance and love. Originally historians date back Valentines Day stemming from the ancient pagan festival of Lupercalia. This celebration was filled with blood, debauchery, and sacrifice. Theory speculates that Romans turned away from their pagan beliefs and embrace Christianity adopting the Holiday St. Valentines Day in honor of St. Valentines day. This Roman festival was celebrated in the middle of February and involved feasting and pairing off partners.

Who was Saint Valentine?

According to history, emperor Claudius II of Rome executed two different men named valentine on February 14th.  One account of St. Valentine says he was a priest who was arrested for defying a roman decree that forbade soldiers from marrying. He was executed for the continuation of wedding lovers in secret. From this point on, Valentines Day transformed into a holiday about romantic love.

Today, the average American consumer budget is $192.80 for Valentine’s Day with a total shopping revenue of roughly $25.9 B. The top Valentines Day gifts for 2023 were candy (57 %), greeting cards (40 %), flowers (37 % ), Dinner out (32 %), Jewelry (21 % ) and gift cards (20%).