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Celebrating 15 years
The latest updates

First, we would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. We hope that this year brings prosperity and joy to all of you and your families! With a new year comes new opportunities and this year our company is bringing new opportunities for all our customers. This is the very first issue of our monthly newsletter! We are so excited to officially begin our monthly newsletter and bring some monthly updates to you! 2023 was a year full of new opportunities, new adventures, and new goals for our company. Last year we were able to provide services for over 100 customers throughout the entire landscaping season! Our crew has grown exponentially adding new crew members and new behind the scenes workers to streamline our day-to-day task. We added new clients and welcomed old ones. We overcame obstacles and came up with new and improved solutions to better the quality of service our company provides. We are hoping to keep pushing our company to better itself in the new year! 2024 is an amazing year for us as our company is now officially celebrating 15 years of service. Officially our company was registered with the Secretary of State’s office in 2009 making us an official company! Many of you have been customers since the beginning and we appreciate the many years of commitment! Others have joined our journey and been loyal customers to this company. Nevertheless, we are extremely happy that you have chosen Rene and Sons Landscaping Inc. as your number one landscaping company! Our company will have some celebratory events happening throughout the year and we hope that you will help us in celebrating 15 years of quality service for all our Chicagoland neighbors.

Jocelyn Avalos

Community Involvement
Daily news and Community Events

This year we are proud to announce that our company will be very involved in our community. We will primarily focus our attention on our Wheeling community but hope to spread our involvement to neighboring communities as well. Community involvement has been a major goal for our company. We have always wanted to look for ways to be involved in our community to better the connection we have between our customers and our employees. We are more than excited to announce that our involvement in our communities this year! Rene and Sons Landscaping Inc. will be involved in many events hosted by the Wheeling Park District! Bark at the park, the classic car show, international festival, Day of the dead 5K and more to be announced. We will be there providing free goodies and raffles throughout all the events. We will also be hosting a couple of bingo events throughout the entire year. We hope that you will be able to join us for these events this year. Please come out and join us for these events. More information will be available as dates approach. Please keep an eye out on our social media platforms and Thryv announcement section to stay up to date.

Maggie McGhie


Precipitation and freezing temperatures can make for some slick conditions on patios pathways, streets and surfaces. How are these hazardous conditions formed? Well let’s dive into the basics of salting. During the winter season, precipitation still occurs whether that be in the form of snow, sleet, rain or even freezing rain. When this precipitation hits the ground and the ground temperature is 32 degrees or colder, ice will form on streets and surfaces. At this point salt is crucial especially in areas with heavy foot traffic. Salt lowers the freezing point of water, which prevents the formation of ice on streets and surfaces. Did you know that road salt is simply rock salt, which is table salt in its natural form? Those that mean you should take your saltshaker outside and throw salt on your pathways? Well, the answer is yes and no. Most commercial salt is coated with high performance-enhancing liquids such as calcium and chloride to enhance the de-icing qualities of the salt. This salt is usually used at much lower temperatures to allow for an effective de-icing method. Now, you could go out and use table salt but that would be a lot of table salt that you would be dumping on street. Instead, call one of our experts and let them handle all the trouble of salting your property! It’s never too late to think about salting your property for this winter season.

Anthony Delgado & Crew

Social Media Updates

Did you know that the average person checks their phone 96 times per day! Or once every 10-12 minutes? In all reality we touch our phone roughly 2,617 times per day or 955,205 times in a year! Now that’s a lot of phone time!! Our phones have become an essential part of our daily lives. Before we step out of the house, we check that we have our wallets, ChapStick, gum, keys, purse, backpack and of course our phone. We don’t go anywhere without our phone! But why is that? Well in today’s world everything is at our fingertips. Need to order food? Use the uber eats or grub hub app to have food delivered at your footsteps. Need to order a ride? Order an uber or a lyft. Forgot to set your home security system? Secure your house through your phone! Whatever the circumstance is, we can use our phone to solve any issue. Technology continues to adapt and grow and so must we. For this reason, Rene and Sons Landscaping INC. is going with the flow and will be fully immersed in all social media platforms! We will use Instagram, Facebook, X (Twitter), Linkedin, and Google to name a few. We are excited to bring these new social media platforms to communicate important updates and promotions throughout the year. We will continue to use Thryv as our primary method of communication for all invoicing, scheduling, and payments but look forward to sharing more personal post via our social media platforms! Please feel free to click below to be directed to each of our social media pages! Did you know that you can make payments online with a credit/ debit card or bank transfer? We can also take payments over the phone, or you can save a credit card for automatic payments! All this can be done through your Thryv costumer portal! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at any point in time and we will be happy to assist you